12 Foods That Cause Anxiety

Processed food and your brain

Anxiety disorder is very common and with the high tempo of our lifestyles it is getting more and more problematic. Physical symptoms of anxiety include dizziness, sweating, rapid heart rate etc. It has many causes and food can be one of them. Below are some of the foods that cause anxiety and avoiding them might reduce symptoms.

1. MSG

This is an amino acid used to enhance flavor in soups, frozen foods, snacks and others. It overexcites cells to a point of damage. Consumption on a regular basis may lead to anxiety and other related problems like depression.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant. It hampers the functioning of the central nervous system responsible for transmitting impulses. This majorly due to low serotonin level that regulates mood. Mood swing can make one more anxious and depressed.

3. Caffeine

Drinks such as tea, coffee, etc, stimulate adrenaline in the body. As a result, anxiety levels are increased.

4. Sugar

Sugar causes changes in your blood glucose level. This, in turn, results in agitation and mood swings due to the brain working below the suboptimal levels.

5. Red meat

Red meat increases norepinephrine and dopamine hormones in the bloodstream. These hormones are associated with high anxiety levels.

6. Salty foods

High amounts of salt increase blood pressure. This forces the heart to work harder. Thus, the body releases adrenaline that paves way for tension and anxiety.

7. Junk foods

Junk foods are delicious but lethal to health. They contain carbohydrates and fats that make the body strain during their digestion. This increases the level of anxiety.

8. Cow’s milk

Milk contains casein that is hard for the body to digest. Like junk foods, casein too takes a toll on the body during its digestion thereby elevating anxiety levels.

9. Food additives

The body works extremely hard to digest food additives. This leads to poor irritability and high anxiety levels.

10. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame are harmful as the lead to changes in the mood. This happens due to inefficient production of serotonin that regulates depression levels that leads to one feeling anxious. Generally, artificial sweeteners are not suitable to one’s mental well-being.

11. Hydrogenated Oil

Hydrogenated oil is found in foods like French fries, fried chicken, fried Calamari, etc. Besides having a negative impact on one’s weight, hydrogenated oil contains trans fats that lead to high depression and anxiety levels. They normally clog the arteries inhibiting blood flow to the brain thereby minimizing brain functions.

12. Red wine

Wine-ing down may end up winding you up. A few glasses of one at the beginning can calm you down. However, habitual drinking may cause you sleepless night leaving you more anxious.

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