5 Foods That Kill Your Brain

The world has become fast paced and one in which speed and convenience are put above everything else. The days when people took their time to prepare a delicious nutrient-rich and balanced dinner are being fast phased out as fast food becomes the staple diet for many.
This has been contributed to by many factors, including working long hours and not having any energy to prepare dinner as well as the ease with which one can get pizza delivered to their doorstep. However, this has been at the expense of our health with obesity, diabetes and cancer killing more people every year.
One of the effects of processed foods that is rarely focused on is their damage to the brain. Being one of the most important organs, the brain’s health is paramount. Here are some of the processed foods that are bad for the brain:

1. Refined sugar
We all love sugary foods and have loved them since we were kids. While naturally occurring sugar in such foods as fruits is quite beneficial to our health, refined sugar is not. Contrary to adverts by big companies that manufacture refined sugar, it has no known benefit to your health.
Refined sugar, especially when added to processed foods such as snacks, is detrimental to our health and especially our brains. It leads to the production of dopamine which ends up causing reliance on sugar to be active. It also affects the area of the brain responsible for crucial functions such as memory and learning.

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