5 Signs You Are A Bad Friend

We love our friends. We cherish them and want to always be there for them whenever they need us. We keep their secrets and help them become better people. We give them advice when they need it and listen to them when they need someone to talk to. We cry with them during the heartaches and laugh with them during the fun times.
Are you a good friend though? While the answer for most is a definite yes, the following signs might just make you rethink that. Here are some of the signs that you may not be as good a friend as you always thought you were:

1. You talk but never listen
Friendship is a relationship in which both parties must participate in mutual sharing and listening. If you are the friend that always finds yourself talking about your workplace, your relationships, your ambitions and so on, you are a bad friend.
While your friends may always listen to you, in time, they start feeling unappreciated and feel like their experiences, their lives and their views don’t matter anymore. This is usually the beginning of the end for any relationship.

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