5 Signs You Are Unhealthy

Over 60% of all deaths every year result from lifestyle diseases. This makes them the leading cause of death worldwide. Most of these lifestyle diseases can be prevented through simple practices such as a healthy diet, enough exercise and avoiding hazardous habits like smoking and excessive drinking.
Unfortunately for most people, they never get to live healthy lives because they are not even aware of just how unhealthy their bodies are. This group of people keeps on living the same reckless lives, eating junk food, never engaging in any physical exercise and smoking until it’s too late.
Some of the signs that will let you know that your body is unhealthy and that you need to take better care of it include:

1. Poor sleeping pattern
Sleeping is the most therapeutic treatment you can give to your body, especially after a long day of hard work. The benefits of sleep are plenty, from improved memory to a glowing skin and a healthier heart and blood vessels.
If you are not getting sufficient sleep, this is a sign that your health is not where it should be. A poor sleeping pattern or total insomnia usually stems from an imbalance in the hormone levels, where the flight and fight stress hormones are in plenty in your system as a result of a malfunction in body processes. Waking up without needing your alarm clock may get you to work on time, but it may also be a sign that all is not well.

2. Cracked or spotted lips
A coat of your favorite lipstick may cover the spots on your lips, but you may be covering up a bigger problem in the process. This is because lips are directly connected to your digestive system such as your intestines and your stomach. Pale lips might indicate low iron in the body which could lead to anemia, while dark spots may be from infections in the intestines or indigestion. A deficiency in vitamin B12 is a common cause of cracked lips. This vitamin is crucial as it is a primary element in healthy body cells and the development of genetic material.

3. Perennial fatigue
If you are always fatigued and exhausted, there is likelihood that your body is not as healthy as it should be. While fatigue may be caused by overworking and lack of sleep, perennial fatigue is usually indicative of bigger problems. It may be caused by acute liver failure, kidney diseases, anemia, and some infections such as the flu or unusual thyroid activity.
Fatigue may also be a sign that your body is dehydrated and drinking lots of fluids may help.

4. Fluctuations in body temperature
Remember when you would feel sickly and your mother would feel your forehead to ascertain whether you were sick or just wanted to skip school? Well, it turns out she was onto something. A fluctuation in body temperature is an indicator of illness.
High temperatures usually indicate a fever that can be from one of a number of infections that include the flu. Icy hands and feet are however worse as they usually indicate that your cardiovascular system is not functioning as it should. They are usually as a result of poor blood circulation and a doctor should be sought immediately.

5. Skin problems
A radiant and glowing skin is something we all desire and work towards. Drinking lots of water and applying make-up are some of the methods we result to. If your skin keeps on having problems, from dryness to itchiness to dark spots, this may be a red alert.
The skin is the body’s largest organ and can be affected by a number of organ malfunctions. These may stem from smoking, being overweight or stress, anxiety and depression. Your skin may not always be radiant, but if it has been troubling you for quite some time, it may be a sign of bigger problems.

While these signs indicate that your body is unhealthy and possibly sick, they can also stem from other factors such as stress. You should therefore consult your doctor before you jump into any conclusion.

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