5 Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee

For most of us, a warm and delicious cup of coffee is what kick starts our day and without it, we are mere zombies without the energy or the will to face the day. Once we have had our daily dose of caffeine, we can now smile and step out of the house confidently.
While the right amount of coffee can be beneficial to you and can improve your memory and boost your energy levels, excess amounts can cause great harm. Sometimes, we are not even remotely aware that we are taking excess amounts of coffee until some signs start kicking in. Some of the most obvious signs that you drink too much coffee include:

1. Insomnia

This is by far the most renowned effect of too much coffee. If you can’t sleep even after you have tried counting backward from 100 countless times, it’s most probably because of too many cups of your favorite beverage.

Coffee has been found to reduce the ability to drift off, lower the number of hours you sleep and greatly reduce the quality of sleep. The cup of coffee you had in the afternoon can end up giving you a sleepless night as coffee stays in your system for close to 15 hours.

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