5 Things That Cause Dandruff in Your Hair

Dandruff is a scalp condition caused by many factors you might find surprising. No matter the cause, the stigma of having white flakes falling off your hair can be quite embarrassing. Here are 5 things that can cause dandruff: 1. Mental Stress Believe it or not, being stressed out too many times can cause dandruff to appear where there was none before. The stress a person experiences can lead to hormonal changes, which in turn makes the skin produce an abundance of oil, particularly on the scalp. Keeping daily stress to a minimum can certainly lessen the chances of developing dandruff. 2. Irregular Brushing and Shampooing Poor hygiene isn’t the direct cause of dandruff, but it certainly can aggravate it. When a person doesn’t take care of his or her hair enough through regular washing and/or brushing, the chances of developing dandruff increases. Extremely dry or cold weather can compound…

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