12 Foods That Cause Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is very common and with the high tempo of our lifestyles it is getting more and more problematic. Physical symptoms of anxiety include dizziness, sweating, rapid heart rate etc. It has many causes and food can be one of them. Below are some of the foods that cause anxiety and avoiding them might reduce symptoms. 1. MSG This is an amino acid used to enhance flavor in soups, frozen foods, snacks and others. It overexcites cells to a point of damage. Consumption on a regular basis may lead to anxiety and other related problems like depression. 2. Alcohol Alcohol is a depressant. It hampers the functioning of the central nervous system responsible for transmitting impulses. This majorly due to low serotonin level that regulates mood. Mood swing can make one more anxious and depressed. 3. Caffeine Drinks such as tea, coffee, etc, stimulate adrenaline in the body. As a result, anxiety…


5 Types of Processed Foods That Slowly Kill Your Brain

Your diet influences a lot more than your waistline. Eating habits and food choices not only affects the shape of your body, but your overall health as well. While we need enough food for good health, too much can have the exactly opposite side effects. Processed foods form a big part of a country’s diet, and so they contribute mightily to people getting fat and sick. Here is an outline of processed foods that slowly kill your brain. Sugar When you are considering losing weight, sugar, and its products are not foods to contemplate. Equally sugar-rich foods are bad for your brain. Uncontrolled consumption of sugar not only leads to neurological problems but interrupts your memory considerably. Beyond that, sugar adversely impacts your learning capabilities. It is hence prudent to cut back or stay away altogether from sugar, pastry, corn syrup and processed foods with high fructose levels.

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5 Signs You Are Unhealthy

Over 60% of all deaths every year result from lifestyle diseases. This makes them the leading cause of death worldwide. Most of these lifestyle diseases can be prevented through simple practices such as a healthy diet, enough exercise and avoiding hazardous habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Unfortunately for most people, they never get to live healthy lives because they are not even aware of just how unhealthy their bodies are. This group of people keeps on living the same reckless lives, eating junk food, never engaging in any physical exercise and smoking until it’s too late. Some of the signs that will let you know that your body is unhealthy and that you need to take better care of it include: 1. Poor sleeping pattern Sleeping is the most therapeutic treatment you can give to your body, especially after a long day of hard work. The benefits of sleep…


8 Signs You Have A Heart Problem

Heart related problems are pretty well-known for the people in the United States. With the lack of exercise, proper diet and unhealthy lifestyle we damage our hearts and often ignore the signs that there is a problem. Here is a list of the signs that might indicate that your heart has some problem. If you recognize one or few, please do not hesitate and see the doctor. Fatigue Any unexplained fatigue could be a sign of a heart problem. This is especially if the fatigue does not go away after a good night’s rest. The extreme fatigue is usually because your heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the needs of other organs in the body. Chest Pain Any chest pain however mild should be considered a sign of heart problem. This pain can show up as a tightness, tingling sensation, numbness or other type of discomfort. The…


6 Signs You Are Near The Edge of Getting Diabetes

Diabetes is getting more and more common in the United States. It is very important to watch out for early symptoms and try to prevent it as much as possible. The symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 that can help you to know that you are at the edge of diabetes may include: Being Overweight: it is considered as the main sign of diabetes but it is mainly related to Type 2 diabetes which occurs due to improper use or low production of insulin by the body. Type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, is not related to body weight as it can develop even in childhood due to the destruction of the insulin producing cells. Blurred vision: The disruptions caused by high sugar levels in your blood can also affect your vision. You have to struggle to see clearly the fine details or the sharpness of your vision no…

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