5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Pepperoni

Without any doubt, peperoni is delicious and very tempting. However, recent research has shown that consuming pepperoni more often can be harmful to your healthy lifestyle. We have created a list of some of the reasons to stop eating pepperoni. Take note: Level of Calories: It’s pretty clear that pepperoni is loaded with calories. A good example would be having a single 3 ounce that comes with packed with 419calories. Only 20% of these calories come from protein while the other 80%comes from saturated fats.

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12 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Soda

If drinking soda has been your habit for some time now, you might want to consider stopping. Each time you sip the beverage that is so popular in our society, you ingest in your body highly refined sweeteners, toxins, and many other dangerous stuff. Here are some of the health reasons to stop drinking soda. 1. Soda can destroy your teeth You must have heard this from your doctor. Soda is mixed with a lot of synthesized sugars that are harmful to your teeth.

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5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Oreo Cookies

Oreos are a popular brand of cookies sold in bulk packages in most grocery stores around the globe. While hundreds of billions of these cookies have being sold since they were first introduced in the mass food market, consuming them can lead to many health problems. 1. They contain High-Calorie Content One of the worst things about Oreo is that they contain high levels of calorie content. It is recommended that one should take at least two Oreo cookie per day which contains 140 calories combined. While this may not look like an extreme amount of calories, a majority of people who sit down to take Oreos end up eating more than just two due to their small size and readily availability.

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5 Foods That Kill Your Brain

The world has become fast paced and one in which speed and convenience are put above everything else. The days when people took their time to prepare a delicious nutrient-rich and balanced dinner are being fast phased out as fast food becomes the staple diet for many. This has been contributed to by many factors, including working long hours and not having any energy to prepare dinner as well as the ease with which one can get pizza delivered to their doorstep. However, this has been at the expense of our health with obesity, diabetes and cancer killing more people every year. One of the effects of processed foods that is rarely focused on is their damage to the brain. Being one of the most important organs, the brain’s health is paramount. Here are some of the processed foods that are bad for the brain: 1. Refined sugar We all…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese has been an all-time favorite and preferred comfort food for many, but it can be a highly unwise choice for your diet. The information shared below goes over what aspects of this classic fast food can be harmful to your health and why you need to make sure you make healthy choices going forward and shop with caution. Fatty, salty, greasy and loaded with carbs Stouffer’s mac and cheese would typically have 10.5 grams of saturated fat, 25.7 grams fat, and 529 calories in a 12-ounce regular serving. In addition to that, fat and calories can go higher if ingredients like sausages or high-fat meats are also tossed into it. Not to mention, some restaurants also list deep-fried macaroni and cheese not just as a side dish but as an appetizer. Think again if it’s wise to add to so much of fat and unnecessary calories to…

5 Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee

For most of us, a warm and delicious cup of coffee is what kick starts our day and without it, we are mere zombies without the energy or the will to face the day. Once we have had our daily dose of caffeine, we can now smile and step out of the house confidently. While the right amount of coffee can be beneficial to you and can improve your memory and boost your energy levels, excess amounts can cause great harm. Sometimes, we are not even remotely aware that we are taking excess amounts of coffee until some signs start kicking in. Some of the most obvious signs that you drink too much coffee include: 1. Insomnia This is by far the most renowned effect of too much coffee. If you can’t sleep even after you have tried counting backward from 100 countless times, it’s most probably because of too…

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5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Bacon

Lots of people have developed the habit of including bacon in their daily breakfast meals. Who doesn’t like it? Delicious bacon with our scrambled eggs or with our morning bagel. However, Scientific research has recently proven that consuming bacon poses some major health concerns and affect our society negatively. Here are 5 health and ethical reasons to stop eating bacon. Pork Can Generally Be Unsafe To Eat: Putting cancer aside, it has been proven that the number of hogs killed per day is increasing. Thereby the food advocate has issued a warning the quality of bacon is becoming unsafe and at risk. According to Ted Genoways in his book “The Chain” says that the rate at which the hogs are killed is too fast. He said pork products may contain fecal contamination, urine, diseased animals etc.

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